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About Us

Come and fish with the world champions! At Costa Blanca Fishing we have highly experienced skippers and sailors, members of the Spanish Highland Fishing Team and World Champions in this modality. They also specialize in trolling, trolling, bottom with live bait, and other modalities.

Are you a lover of the sea? Do you enjoy fishing? Maybe you don’t have much experience? Costa Blanca Fishing offers you a morning of fishing: an activity suitable for all ages, aimed at all types of audiences and in which no previous experience in sport fishing is required. Everyone is welcome on board – from beginners to experienced fishermen, businesses, and families. If you want to learn all the secrets of the fishing world, come with us and enjoy a day of fishing on board.

Our boats are equipped with everything you need to experience an unforgettable day out on the water: cutting-edge fishing equipment, license, insurance and an aperitif. You can also sunbathe while you relax on the deck! Don’t forget your bathing suit and sunscreen.

This activity ends with a swim in the wonderful Cala del Pope. Reserve our boats and enjoy an unforgettable fishing trip in Costa Blanca! We want you to experience a unique day of fishing, in the hands of the world champions, where you will discover the fish of our coast.